Cuba 50 yrs Later

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He will surely allow Americans to fly into that abused island and bring some relief from the oppressive communist regime. The island”celebrated” 50 years of Fidel’s take over without fanfare from the majority of the populace. Their political and economic conditions have remained fixed in time during that half century as if a gigantic time machine had remained stuck in 1959.

While nobody in Cuba dies of hunger and nearly everybody can read and write (their literacy rate is among the highest in the world), one can readily ask”what for?” There’s absolutely not any freedom of any kind except to laud the virtues of the fantastic leader, or, as it is called in another dictatorship, our Beloved Great Leader (North Korea). Cuba and North Korea are just two examples of massive brainwashing, although much more so in China’s neighbor. Cuba has the”chance” of having the United States next door, and the superpower’s influence, notwithstanding the blockade, has been the difference among the population. Cubans still retain some contact with the mainland, whether clandestinely or through American family members.

While working in Mexico, I had the chance to talk to Cubans residing in that nation; some had to return to the island, while some had migrated permanently. Understandably, because all had family living under the Castro regime, their comments were made”off the record”. A surgeon said that her monthly salary was the equivalent of $30, but she added that everybody received free education (considered among the greatest the world), and that the food was heavily subsidized, as was leased (no private property permitted ), and healthcare. I could perceive an undertone of profound dissatisfaction in their comments regarding the total lack of freedoms and choices. The surgeon spoke about the first time she entered a grocery store in Monterrey, Mexico; her eyes widened with shock. She had never seen so many goods and so many options on the shelves.

Very few Cubans have their own landline telephone (9%) and even less have a cell phone (1 percent ). Although many have televisions (70 percent ), who wants to listen to Fidel’s endless tirades (he loved to listen to himself when he was still in control) of up to 3 hours? Who wants to see the official government’s propaganda machine? Just a few revolutionary diehards still support the communist regime and the”exalted” memory of the Che Guevara, a psychotic doctor who shot anyone who disagreed with him.

China, the giant communist regime, had the wisdom to change its totalitarian dogmas to permit some token of capitalistic industry. Cuba is only starting to understand, under Fidel’s brother’s control, that people have an innate drive to have something. Raul Castro has invited the Cuban people to voice their criticism of the government, a step that received very little response as individuals doubt seriously that the regime would actually act upon the recommendations.

The lack of opportunities in Cuba is particularly hard on youth. The island has among the highest suicide rates in the world. Again, what is the point of having free education all the way to school if the government tells you what to study and if there are no outlets for your skills? The term apathetic is the adjective most commonly heard when talking of young Cubans. In spite of occasional desertions among athletic teams who travel to other countries, most young Cubans don’t want to abandon their island. What they want is more freedom to come and go as they please and to have the opportunity to voice their concerns.

President Obama has already expressed his desire to initiate negotiations with the Cuban government. The ridiculous blockade ought to be eliminated for two major reasons: Cubans already receive American goods through third parties (European countries), and an open trade with Cuba are the best way to topple that odious dictatorship.

A Review on Fascism

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I have known about Fascism for quite some time. When I opened this book I realized that I did not quite understand what it was, where it came from or its dangers to democratic society. Fortunately, Albright answered all these questions for me including her caution about the implications of Fascism for our future.

She described it as a kind of authoritarian rule including complete control by the leader of a nation, appeal to ultranationalism, and power being centered in the pioneer rather than lying with the citizens. She described Mussolini as taking huge amounts of money from corporations and banks while feigning concern about the working class. He put on a show for people, distributed and marketed personal products under his name, was a fantastic politician but had very little understanding of diplomacy, rejected input from his advisors and watched his own judgment as the only correct one. She described Hitler as answering questions with lies intended to reassure the public, thinking and saying that being a Barbarian was honorable, eliminating civil servants he saw as not true, taking control of the arts and journalism, using mass media (radio in those days) to catch attention of the masses and making persecution of people who could not defend themselves look like federal self defense.

Albright also discussed the nature and exploits of a variety of other Fascist leaning leaders including Chavez, Erdogan, Putin, and the Kim dynasty. Last but not least comes Trump who has showed the majority of the characteristics and antics previously used by Mussolini and Hitler. Trump accepts bullying, autocracy and civil rights violations by autocratic leaders without comment. He seems more comfortable with them than with our allies with whom he tends to pick fights.

Albright sees Fascists and Fascist leaning leaders as invoking”America (or any other country) First” as a method of justifying their inclination to do whatever they please. They feel entitled to do what they want for no valid reason or just make one up with no base. She sees their unpredictability as a personality trait rather than as a strategy to accomplish anything productive.

How can they gain power? Fascist leaders appeal emotionally to people who feel disenfranchised from what they believe is owed them or people who feel fearful of the others, often cultural or political groups differing from theirs. Though this fervor is fanned by social networking, it existed long before computers and spread through personal appearances and using more conventional media.

What can we do? We can learn how to ask pointed questions of those who claim to be acting in our best interest. We also need to reconnect with each other, understand each other’s fears and sense of loss in addition to starting to work together as people and society to deal with these concerns. Once we ask them the right questions, we can elect leaders who will act responsibly.

I highly recommend this book as a means to understand the actual challenges which face us and to help us learn to listen to each other to find mutually acceptable ways of approaching our challenges.

Guinea pigs

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When you envision a guinea pig, you probably envision the typical short-haired American guinea pig. But what about those with curly or long hair? Most people would probably just assume their owners let them grow out their hair, but that is certainly not true. There are in fact several breeds of domesticated guinea pigs in the world. However, I’ll be going through the most popular ones now, which you may find at your neighborhood pet store.
The Abyssinian
Probably one of the most popular long-haired pig, the Abyssinian is a fantastic pet to have. This strain has long swirls, which really make them ideal as a show pig. And yes, there are competitions for guinea pigs.
But due to the nature of the Abyssinian’s hair, this sort of guinea pig is somewhat harder to take care of. I would not suggest this for a child, unless someone more responsible is prepared to undertake the responsibilities of grooming.
This is the most common strain of them all, at least in North America. Hence, the name”American.” But the biggest reason why the American is the most popular one is not because it is extra cute or cuddly. It’s because it’s the easiest one to look after, making them perfect for small children.
But if you have loads of time to dedicate to a pet, I’d suggest something more rare, such as the Abyssinian.
This specific breed is like the Abyssinian. However, the one key difference is that it has long straight hair rather than long curly hair. Of all of the different guinea pig strains, the Peruvian appears to have the longest hair.
And like with any long-haired guinea pig, the Peruvian requires some time for tedious grooming. Combing the right hair is recommended every day to stop any tangles, which might cause discomfort to your pet.
Also Known as the Sheltie, The Silkie guinea pig is like the Peruvian. The main distinction is the hair around the area of the head. The hair of the Silkie can be much softer than that of some other breeds, making them great for entertaining little children.
But of course I wouldn’t recommend this for a child to take care of. Make sure there is a responsible person handling all of the grooming required to maintain a healthy Silkie.
The Teddy
The Teddy guinea pig actually looks like a stuffed animal, probably because of it is dense and short coat that you would see on a teddy bear. They don’t have hair as soft and smooth as the Silkie, but they make great pets for children to care for.
A distinctive feature found in only the Teddy is the”upturned nose,” making them resemble a stuffed animal more.
The Texel
Unlike other breeds of long-haired pigs, the Texel has long curly hair throughout the body. This implies, curly hair is apparent on their backs and their bellies, making them popular for owners that want to display their pet at competitions.
Once more, I would only recommend this for responsible adults, and specifically owners who want to showcase their guinea pig.
Maybe the easiest to spot out, the White Crested has a white spot on top of the head. It resembles a white crown, hence the name. Other than the specific mark, this strain is very similar to the American. They are essentially American guinea pigs with a hint of creativity.
The short hair requires minimal grooming and make them a favorite choice among children.

What to feed your boa

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They are very large, with males measuring 6 to 8 ft and females measuring 8 to 10 feed.
There are numerous factors to take into account when feeding boa constrictors in captivity.
The dimensions of your boa will determine size and type of prey it can absorb. Young boas should eat baby or small young rats, or rabbits, while full-grown boas can consume huge rats, small chickens and compact rabbits that are frozen specifically for the purpose of feeding wildlife in captivity. Make sure the size of the prey is no bigger than the widest point of the boa’s midsection.
Never feed your boa live food as it might cause your snake to become aggressive. Also the prey may escape or harm your boa. Never feed your snake wild animals. Wild animals may carry parasites or bacteria. Simply feed your snake prey that were raised in sterile environments and fed organic diets which guarantee your pet won’t get contaminated with parasites or bacteria.
Prey animals are suspended when you receive them. Make sure the prey is thawed out and slightly warm (can use boiling water). Dangle the prey before the snake with tongs. Make sure you wash your hands after feeding your boa. To keep your boa from accidentally consuming substrate from its habitat, it is suggested that you move your boa into a different container when feeding. Large boas (6 months old and older) can graduate into pre-killed adult mice, rats, chicks and eventually rabbits (1-2 times per month.) Remember don’t feed prey that is larger than the widest portion of the snake.
The size of the prey is obviously important, but the frequency of feeding is just as important. You need to present your boa enough time to properly digest each meal before attempting to feed it . This works out to a feeding schedule to each 7 to 12 days.
Proper feeding your boa constrictor is very important. Only feed prey that is from a company who sells prey animals for reptiles in captivity. Bear in mind, make sure not to feed prey that is too large for your snake as it may choke.

Is it a flea allergy?

For many pet owners, this is also the time when our cats and dogs can not stop scratching! Before going changing your pet’s diet or exercising for expensive supplements, you need to think about when the aggravation began. The mid to late summer months will be the height of flea season that may be a itchy scratchy nightmare for the dogs and cats with a flea allergy. Gremlin went through this, so I have been there! Here’s the way to tell if that’s what is happening. The allergy is not to the fleas themselves, but their spit. In other words, the itchy reaction can occur after just one bite and may persist long after the flea is gone.
If you see your dog scratching, licking, and chewing at the base of the tail, haunches, under their legs, buttocks, and stomach, they may be experiencing a flea allergy. The chewing can cause dry scaly patches of skin and if left untreated can lead to open sores that are vulnerable to infection. Some dogs may even have red bumps in the affected regions.
Just like puppies, many cats can be allergic to flea saliva. Cats have a similar scratching, licking, and chewing pattern as puppies and can create a rash of small round lumps, called feline army dermatitis (due to the similarity to millet seeds) within their back, neck, and face.
Despite a Monthly Preventative
You may think that your pet’s protected against fleas on account of your strict monthly preventative program, but not every preventative is created equally. There are many preventatives both over the counter and prescription. Many over the counter approaches take days and a few even need the fleas to bite before murdering them and as this is an allergy to their spit, this just will not do.
Injectable methods would be your best bet, but even there you will realize that some are better than others.Some work quicker than others. As an example, based on Elanco, the manufacturers of Comfortis, Comfortis starts killing fleas within half an hour of government with an effective speed of 98-100% over four hours. Nexgard, the most common preventative now, requires 24 hours to kill 100 percent of fleas.
Besides speed, you and your veterinarian should think about how the preventative targets fleas. The active ingredient in Comfortis (and among these in Trifexis, also an Elanco manufacturer ) is Spinosad. This medication attacks the nervous system of the flea. Sentinel, a fresh Gremlin knows and loves, uses lufenuron, which functions as a growth inhibitor, killing fleas in the egg and larvae stage. Sentinel’s belief is that if there are no baby fleas growing up to be blood-sucking adult fleas, then there will not be a flea issue.
When you talk about treatment with your vet, ask about a combination of remedies. In New Orleans, where the flea population is radically out of control, our vet (who I also worked for) advocated a Comfortis/Sentinel combo. This mixture kills adult fleas on your dog and controls any creatures they pick up out and about. I strongly recommend asking your vet about this whenever possible if your dog is fighting this summer.
Treating Your Dwelling
You are not done yet. You absolutely have to treat your house and yard if you’re going to have an influence on your own flea population.
For this, I urge Fleabusters. It’s far easier than you may think to use and not in any way toxic to your loved ones. Fleabusters is a borate powder which does not poison or attack anything. And it does so quite efficiently.
The application process is rather straightforward. It’s a really fine powder which you spread around your flooring and lawn (especially damp and shady areas). You will want to use a broom or foxtail brush to spread it around your floors surfaces. You are able to vacuum and sweep normally since it’s a static property which helps it cling to any surface. After using this powder, you will find more than your flea population diminishing! This stuff works on many household pests! We are big fans!
A Tricky Issue Many times there will not be signs of fleas due to the preventative you are giving, in which case you may be given a special diet or nutritional supplement.
For example, once the biting and itching didn’t resolve itself following drugs and supplements it had been recommended to us that Gremlin begin a radical and lifelong steroid program! If your cat or dog is more than a year old and has been fine with their diet apparently until today, then you need to bring up what you have read here!
Consider how few factors have changed on your dog’s life and make a point. Should you wind up with a new diet or supplement that does not do the trick, consider another opinion.

Government Shutdown

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Nobody, truly, wins, as a result of any government shutdown. Nevertheless, we have witnessed, three of them, in the previous calendar year, or so. If there’s no legitimate benefit, why does this continue to happen? Is it due to strong fundamentals, being fought ? Is it based on the requirement, for a specific policy and/ or policies, or the belief, one is fighting, for what is needed and necessary? Or, is this, another case of politics and partisanship, in addition to an individual or individual’s personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, often at the expense of doing what is in the best interests of most citizens, or the so – called, common good? What ever happened to a willingness, to seek a compromise, or accommodation, through win – win negotiations, with an attempt to avoid these wasteful, ineffective, inefficient, temper tantrums, and generating a meeting – of – the – minds, which really serves the public’s best interests? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review and talk about, why we’re being exploited by our elected officials, instead of being represented and served.

1) Is this a matter of principle? Does anybody, really, believe, this partial government shutdown, is a matter of principle? Doing this, has closed certain national parks, facilities, museums, rest rooms, and associated maintenance, yet this folly, has apparently, overlooked, serving the public. Since the vast majority of security experts, say, this Wall is inefficient and ineffective, overly costly, and does not provide security, why is Mr. Trump, which makes such a big issue, over it? Could this be, about his campaign promise, as he says, to create this Wall, and, thus, fulfilling his core supporters? Buteven if that were the case, the Wall, he promised, was supposed to be compensated for, by Mexico, while this conflict, is about taxpayer funding, for this symbol!

2) Coverage: Beyond shutdowns have inconvenienced many, price much confusion, expenses, and displeasures, and haven’t served the best interests of the country, or its citizens! Just like, when feuding countries, are talking, they rarely fight wars, wouldn’t it make more sense, to seek a meeting – of – the – minds, rather?

In the past, shutdowns stopped because politicians realized, it was more valuable, to end them, but with the uncharacteristic, unpredictable behavior, of President Donald Trump, do you really know, exactly what the future, will bring?

Wake – up, America, and demand legislation, which make punitive fines/ penalties, whenever they are unwilling to act more responsibly, and permit any kind of shutdown. When public workers, government contractors, vacationers, etc, are punished, and no one benefits, because of the equivalent of a temper tantrum, then, proclaim, you’ve had enough!

Ways to cook potatoes

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Potatoes are full of energy and have a delicious starchy taste. It’s a favourite starch side dish for the cook of any household.

Potatoes are undoubtedly the tastiest when they are made into chips. Why? Not only do they receive a crispy addictive taste but they are the easiest to make and eat. This would be the preferred for the everyday family.

Baked potatoes require a little longer to cook but are worth the wait. You can also decide on various cuts for the potatoes. Wedges are the best since the exterior will be crispy and full of flavour when spices are inserted, and the interior will be hot and soft.

You could also drop a couple of potatoes into your stews, curries and broths. The starch is also quite useful if you accidentally put a bit too much salt into the sauce. Because potatoes are dull they soak up any extra salt that isn’t needed.

Have you ever tried to make Gnocchi? It’s a great thing they’re easy to make. Firstly, you have to boil potatoes in water until completely cooked and tender. Mash them and then mix the mash with flour and eggs. Once you have this step finished you can roll small balls of the dough mix over a fork and there’s your professional Gnocchi.

Mashed potato is a lovely side dish to have. The creamy goodness complements any major meal as it doesn’t have such a notable taste. After boiling and mashing them, you need to put the mash to a pot and add milk, nutmeg and salt.

Stuff them. You can place cheese, mushrooms, beans or anything you love within a baked potato. It becomes a whole meal on its own because of all the other proteins and minerals used to make the dish.

Because they contain so much starch, it could drastically change the flavour you intended for your own dishes. Soak them in water once you peel them and it will remove any unwanted starch.

To prepare them for preparation you can distribute cooking oil over the base of the pan or baking tray you will be using. This helps prevent burning and sticking and, ultimately, scrubbing those pans.

8 Secrets To Become An Instantly Better Listener

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1) Passionate Individuals Use a Great Deal Of Absolutes. Words such as these can drive you mad if you hear them literally. They could derail a conversion very fast. Do not hear absolutes verbatim. If you do, you’ll wind up debating facts rather than communicating.
Stop what you’re doing when someone is speaking to you. If you’re watching tv, turn it off out of respect for the individual who’s talking. This is a excellent way to demonstrate value to someone. Do it for kids, your spouse, your friends and your own parents. This provides a message that they’re more important than what you’re watching or doing. Can it without sighing or creating an aggravated expression.
3) Look At The Man Who’s Talking. It tells the person who’s talking that you’re listening and are engaged in the conversion. Eye contact shows that you’re interested in what the individual has to say.
Lean slightly forward to further communicate interest. Uncross your arms to demonstrate openness to what they must say instead of arms crossed that will be read as defensiveness.
A two ears and one mouth strategy makes it possible to keep listening on your mind as a priority. It’s much better to be a fantastic listener than to be a fantastic speaker. Shy people may disagree it is the truth.
6) You Don’t Have To Make Your Stage Right Now. Do not steal the dialogue by jumping in too fast to create your own point. Be patient. Just listen. You will get your turn. You’ll have more information. You’ll have better understanding also. If you’re angry, it could be a better idea to wait to make your point.
7) Don’t Retaliate. If the person says something you do not like that you don’t have to react. A smart person doesn’t retaliate. They listen.
8) Girls Are Upset For The Reason You Think. This one is for the guys. Women do not do it intentionally but they speak in a coded message. Everything you hear and what they say are often two distinct things. Men have a tendency to hear that something has to be fixed, what they do is not good enough, griping, nagging or complaining. He basically hears that he’s doing a bad job and he gets a zero for his effort. He believes”a zero” is absurd and unappreciative. He subsequently stops listening. It’s important that a man doesn’t hold this common but false conclusion. This is the reason teenage sons can not hear their mothers and I will always have a job for a marriage therapist.

Should You Choose a Dog Walking Service?

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Dog walking services are somewhat more common and are a helpful source to any pet owner.
Busy Life
It doesn’t have to be like that for your pooch. Dog walking services can help you manage your time and schedule effectively to make certain that your dog receives the attention it deserves. Your companion may have all the fun in the world as you’re at work or in the grocery store. Allowing your pooch to exercise when you’re not at home will ensure he or she is calmer and quieter when you return!
So not only will your dog have the ideal quantity of stimulation throughout the week, it will also be managed by a professional. That’s a reassuring thought for you as an operator. Professional dog walkers know what they’re doing. They will mold the walk to match your very best buddy’s physical need and needless to say, capabilities. As your dog walker builds a relationship with your pooch, he or she’ll have the ability to give you guidance about the best way best to make your dog’s life more gratifying at home. Dog walkers are a walking, resourceful database about puppies! Not just that, by assessing your dog’s behavior, the dog walker may alter the work out to be able to best suit your dog. Tasks for your pooch will change from walking, going to the park to socialize with other puppies, and sometimes even swimmingpool. Your pet will also be social as he or she has been treated by someone else outside the family.
You love your dog and we know that. But just like when you are happy about summer break being over and the children going back to school, you get happy when you can have a few hours to yourself without the puppy always wanting to play with you. Employing a dog walker will permit you to find some peace and quiet around your property. It is important to consider whether you’ve got a younger or a more lively dog. For those who have multiple puppy friends in your house, taking one from the pack may also allow your other pooches to get some peace and quiet.
In general, dog walking services are incredibly convenient. Your pooch will also maintain secure and knowledgeable hands, as you enjoy your me-time.

Renovate Your Old Bathroom

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Half of the job is completed after you locate a trusted and trusted remodeling contractor. The process of remodeling the bathroom is rather complicated and challenging. You may follow the offered tips to create an effective decision.
It’s essential to do research on your part rather than depending solemnly on the layouts which the builder shows you. Visit nearby showrooms selling bathtub supplies, checkout various showers, showers, tubs, its layout online and place your mind regarding what sort of technology that you would like to get installed on your bathroom. After getting a general idea, get in touch with your contractor for getting an estimate of the price tag.
Taking opinions from peers or neighbors does no harm, in actuality, it is possible to take notes from their experiences and take precautions beforehand. Read the reviews online and you may contact the current clients of the contractor and ask about their experience, quality of the services and work done by the contractor. These hints will assist you in choosing a trustworthy builder that will satisfy all your expectations. The fee for builders varies based on the job, location, time, and so on, so keeping in mind these factors, select an experienced individual for your renovation project.
Remodeling the bathroom is a challenging task due to the many hidden costs and difficulty pops-up that you might never expect. So, it’s necessary to set the budget ahead that will pay for the expense of such unexpected conditions. Choose the accessories depending on your budget, because the contractor charges, delivery fees, plumber or electrician charge can also be involved in remodeling the bathroom. Don’t expect all your expenses will get insured in the contract, there are only a few hidden expenses for which you’ve got to pay individually from your pocket.
This aspect is often overlooked, but it’s essential to be on the safe side. A legitimate bathroom remodeling contractor won’t ever hesitate to share such information with their customers. The proof can enable you to check the trustworthiness of the contracting firm. Another important thing to bear in mind is to confirm the validity of the permit of the contracting firm. Check they have certificates from authorized government institutions, like the National Kitchen and Bath Association, etc.. For this purpose, you might employ the services of these agencies. Remodeling of the toilet is a costly work, be certain that you have it done by qualified and experienced employees.
Prior to making the final deal, inspect the contract to be certain it’s legal and clearly defines the project strategy, complete budget, a change-order plan (if any issue arises during the working period), guarantee period, etc.. Finding all these items in writing will serve as a proof later on if any conflict arises between the customer and contractor.