Government Shutdown

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Nobody, truly, wins, as a result of any government shutdown. Nevertheless, we have witnessed, three of them, in the previous calendar year, or so. If there’s no legitimate benefit, why does this continue to happen? Is it due to strong fundamentals, being fought ? Is it based on the requirement, for a specific policy and/ or policies, or the belief, one is fighting, for what is needed and necessary? Or, is this, another case of politics and partisanship, in addition to an individual or individual’s personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, often at the expense of doing what is in the best interests of most citizens, or the so – called, common good? What ever happened to a willingness, to seek a compromise, or accommodation, through win – win negotiations, with an attempt to avoid these wasteful, ineffective, inefficient, temper tantrums, and generating a meeting – of – the – minds, which really serves the public’s best interests? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review and talk about, why we’re being exploited by our elected officials, instead of being represented and served.

1) Is this a matter of principle? Does anybody, really, believe, this partial government shutdown, is a matter of principle? Doing this, has closed certain national parks, facilities, museums, rest rooms, and associated maintenance, yet this folly, has apparently, overlooked, serving the public. Since the vast majority of security experts, say, this Wall is inefficient and ineffective, overly costly, and does not provide security, why is Mr. Trump, which makes such a big issue, over it? Could this be, about his campaign promise, as he says, to create this Wall, and, thus, fulfilling his core supporters? Buteven if that were the case, the Wall, he promised, was supposed to be compensated for, by Mexico, while this conflict, is about taxpayer funding, for this symbol!

2) Coverage: Beyond shutdowns have inconvenienced many, price much confusion, expenses, and displeasures, and haven’t served the best interests of the country, or its citizens! Just like, when feuding countries, are talking, they rarely fight wars, wouldn’t it make more sense, to seek a meeting – of – the – minds, rather?

In the past, shutdowns stopped because politicians realized, it was more valuable, to end them, but with the uncharacteristic, unpredictable behavior, of President Donald Trump, do you really know, exactly what the future, will bring?

Wake – up, America, and demand legislation, which make punitive fines/ penalties, whenever they are unwilling to act more responsibly, and permit any kind of shutdown. When public workers, government contractors, vacationers, etc, are punished, and no one benefits, because of the equivalent of a temper tantrum, then, proclaim, you’ve had enough!

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