Lobster, Beer, and the Beach

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Christopher Columbus was aware of the present rivalry between the European kingdoms for trade routes to the East Indies and the spice trade. He thought he could reach the East Indies by sailing westward. He made several proposals to European monarchs and the expedition was funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.

Columbus found the New World. He sailed around the gorgeous islands of the Caribbean, convinced that he’d found the East Indies. He claimed it all to the Crown of Castile and called the people Indians. He began a chain of events which would impact the world’s history for the next 500 years and more.

Puerto Plata, the city on this gorgeous lush island where we had an unforgettable holiday was initially founded in April of 1493, and the settlement was known as La Isabella.

The trade winds blow off the hot warm atmosphere that carries the audio of this magical Meringue and the odor of the uniquely divine and intriguing cuisine

It’s a favorite holiday Mecca which has increased exponentially in the past twenty years or so. Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic and the people in the time of our trip was over 5 million. We also visited a couple of villages near Puerto Plata where we’ve met some of the kindest and most happy people.

Two days per week that the resort chef did a sea food cook outside on the shore. The shore was set up with plastic chairs and tables. Lobsters floated in an ice bucket beside the enormous grill. Another bucket was filled with countless bottles of beer coated with ice.

Puerto Plata’s property development was on steroids in this time and we planned to test it out in the morning prior to the BBQ. We met a realtor who had been advertising a large condominium development. We spent so much time with the representative that by the time we got to the hotel the lobster grilling was finished.

Fortunately for me, I had yet another opportunity to have lunch in the grilling before we needed to depart. I made the most of the lunch. I was the first to book a table for both of us.

I had been sitting on a seat, my feet dug in the hot sand, a plastic table in front of me covered with a paper tablecloth. The waiter served me a huge lobster, ready to eat, followed by a bowl of steaming hot butter flavoured with garlic and herbs.

I was waiting for this… shells cracked, tossed all around the desk, my hands and face covered with warm garlic butter… loving my food – it was amazing! I was like a mischievous child, happy to generate a huge mess and enjoying myself!

It was great to be a child again if only for a brief time. Try it. I suggest it!

This was the most sensuous meal I’ve ever had. Can not you just see?

Columbus had a terrific dream and it came true for him in more ways than he ever wanted.

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